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  Of Justice with plenty of space for the realisation ~ right
 No.:  148014
 Price:  150000 EUR
 Place:  55702 Soala, Dorfstraße 41   [ Map, no guarantee ]
 Number of rooms:  3
 Living space:  80 m²
 Description environs:
The property is located in the picturesque village of Schaal (Soala), a side valley of the River, away from the street noise. Medias can be reached from the main road Sibiu -, good from Agirbiciu via a 6 km long, gravel road built of. Calm and natural is here guaranteed, yemassee Schaal the road which leads you only to meadows and forest. Schaal, Romanian Soala, is located in the District of Hermannstadt (Sibiu) in Transylvania, Romania. In the village there is an aunt Emma shop. Medias located about 23 km and Sibiu about 48 km away. Sibiu is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of Transylvania. Sibiu was already at the end of the 12th century founded by German colonists, later Transylvanian Saxons, one of the most important commercial cities of Transylvania. Sibiu was the European capital of Culture 2007 and much of the old city has been renovated for the occasion. Transylvania, a wonderful and beautiful geographical landscape between beech and oak forests. Sunny high plateau, alpine mountain ranges, wild, steep rocks with deep rugged canyons, cascading waterfalls, romantic rugged valleys, lonely castles, hidden villages and proud fortified cities with its visible church towers make this landscape, versatile and very interesting. In April and may can be flowery fields and fruit trees, the fresh green of the meadows, the flower scents and the clear blue sky witness of the spring also. Flora and fauna are still here. There is still an unusual wildlife. In the often inaccessible forests and mountains, lynxes, bears, Golden Eagles and vultures live.
 Description property:
This offer is a typical Transylvanian Saxon court in the widest possible original condition, consisting of from two plots. To the side of the road, a high brick wall combines both houses with iron gate. There are two separate houses, workshop, stables, barn and Paddock on the property. Only the usable area of these buildings is alone approximately 800 square meters. The main real estate makes the previous House with its approx. 80 m² living space, spread over three rooms, kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. Still, the House has a three-vaulted cellar. Be carried out in the years 2005-2011 extensive modernisation work, like a new beaver tail roof, new bathroom, double glazed wooden Windows, renovation of water and power lines. When the modernisation was proceed carefully, so that the character of the building has been preserved. To the main house, there are the workshop building, as well as the two houses divided. Here are seven complete horse boxes available. The workshop is functional and equipped with power. Most recently, a small Carpenter's workshop was operated here. Behind the stables, the large garden with a 800 m extends m² large riding arena. Across the courtyard, you reach the second House, which is still in the shell. Up on the Interior, everything according to German standards was modernized. Water, sewage, and electricity are available and must be installed only by the cable ducts. The roof and the roof are new. (...)
 Advertiser reference-No.:  1339
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