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 3000 M 2, quiet location, detached house, 6 Zi.gedeckter sea
 No.:  147998
 Price:  290000 ch
 New in:  1700
 Region:  Land: fr, Region: Burgundy
 Place:  71470 Romenay, Grand Biolay 1   [ Map, no guarantee ]
 Number of rooms:  6
 Living space:  200 m≤
 Description environs:
Center in a quiet hamlet and sunny nature. In the countryside, and yet in the vicinity of small and large cities. 71470 Romenay lies between M√Ęcon-Chalon or between the small towns of Louhans and Tournus.
 Description property:
(200 M2) rooms are South-facing. Two seat terrace and large garden. Plot 3000 m2. 5 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, WC shower in the ground floor and first floor. Large living room with fireplace 2 kitchens fully furnished. Four au pain. Please ask for Gratisdokumentation! Tel. 062 922 36 42
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