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 Bulgaria: Studio apartment-sunny day 6 close to sunny beach
 No.:  147987
 Price:  9800 EUR
 New in:  2010
 Place:  8240 Sunny Beach,    [ Map, no guarantee ]
 Number of rooms:  1
 Living space:  25 mē
 Description environs:
The Studio is about 3 km from sunny beach.
 Description property:
The apartment is a Studio with a size of 25 sqm in a closed resort close to sunny beach in the sunny day 6 complex and can be inhabited all year round. 4 Swimming pools, 2 playing fields and 2 mini golf courses are located at the facility. As well, a supermarket, a restaurant is located on the system at the main swimming pool and a pool bar. A shuttle bus goes to the nearby Sonnendtrand a day for a small fee. The is equipped with air conditioning (with heating function), laminate and the bathroom is fully equipped with tiles and fittings and is immediately ready. The establishment of the Studio can be purchased cheap in nearby furniture stores.
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