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 Breathtaking View - Angra dos Reis-Barlavento - 200 km to Ri
 No.:  13768
 Price:  298000 EUR
 New in:  1988
 Place:   Praia Vermehla, R. Condominio Barlavento    [ Map, no guarantee ]
 Number of rooms:  6
 Living space:  232 m²
 Description environs:
A really dreamlike position with breathtaking view about the beach and the bay of Barlavento. The Condominio Barlavento lies with Praia Vermelha and belongs to the capital town Angra dos Reis which belongs to the province Rio de Janairo. Over marvellous Coaststreet BR 101 these are to Rio approx. 200 km. To Sao Paulo these are approx. 370 km. In Google Earth you find the house easily with input from: Praia Vermehla, Angra dos Reis.
 Description property:
It concerns a small clear Condominium with administrative service and supervision. Own tennis court, as well as a Marina belongs to the arrangement. This lies directly below on the beach and is accessible with a sloping lift, of course also on foot at a few minutes. The architect's house was sketched in 1987 by the owner itself and was built high grade. By big window surfaces and high rooms an elegant ambience flooded with light arises. The terrace forms together with the living space and dining-room a generous symbiosis. Other: Owner is a German / Brazilian architect and Künstlerfamile with residence in Rio.
 Advertiser reference-No.:  255
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