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 Excellent family house in Kastelir, Istrien
 No.:  12791
 Price:  270000 EUR
 New in:  2007
 Region:  Land: hr, Region: Istria
 Place:  51464 Kastelir,    [ Map, no guarantee ]
 Number of rooms:  3
 Living space:  131 m˛
 Description environs:
The place Kastelir-Labinci can serve a long traditional history. This place lies in the north-east of the region pore and * 269; on a height of approx. 244 m about the sea level. One has from a marvellous view out of this of Adriatic. This region which disposes of a long tradition in the wine cultivation and olive cultivation is interesting especially for the increasing agrarian tourism. One can enjoy here between charming scenery and vineyards idyl and rest and, nevertheless, is near big tourist centres. There is in the place restaurant, café, pizzeria, butcher's shop, business, post, tennis court and football pitch.
 Description property:
Excellent family house in a quiet istrischen village builds on 800 m ˛ big property. After the highest graduations built - with central heating, wonderful garden with olive trees and flowers as well as enough parking bays.
 Advertiser reference-No.:  ID: H_08_1133
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