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 Properties in Olivenhein on a hill with sea and mountain loo
 No.:  12747
 Price:  62500
 New in:  2009
 Region:  Land: gr, Region: Peloponnese
 Place:   Gythion, Laconia, Griechenland,    [ Map, no guarantee ]
 Number of rooms:  
 Living space:  
 Description environs:
The intended location, an olive grove in hillside situation in the district of Mavrovouni which lies approx. 6 km of the centre of Gythion and approx. 50 km of Sparta remotely on the southern Peloponnesus / Lakonien offers good prerau settlements for individually formed natural stone houses in the Mani style. Size and topography of the property, allow on the one hand the establishment of a department closed in itself and, on the other hand, a construction structure which protects sea look and panoramic look of all houses, or terraces is given by the prevailing hillside situation. The more than 6-km-long sandy beach of Mavrovouni is removed only approx. 800 mtr. from the area and offers with the available beach taverns enough space and change for the bath day by the sea. The centre 6 km away of Gythion, the old naval port of the Spartans disposes of the infrastructure necessary for the everyday life and has the ambience of a small, Mediterranean / picturesque fishing harbour with many restaurants and taverns. Gythion offers sufficient leisure activities and invites for strolling in the long bank promenade.
 Description property:
On an area of approx. 26,000 square metres there lie the properties with marvellous sea look, embedded in an old olive grove. The whole available area is divided into differently big plots to take into account the most different needs of our prospective customers. The Bebaubarkeit of the properties is possible basically with 5% of the plot area., i.e. on a property of 2,000 square metres a house with 100 square metres of base can be built in principle. Hence, on account of the present structure houses are possible between 80 and 240 square metres of surface. Because no general land-use plan is, every house, conformist to the topographic actual fact can be planned individually. See ground plan.
 Advertiser reference-No.:  5010001
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