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holiday flat Fantastically nice house for the REALLY price!!!

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 Fantastically nice house for the REALLY price!!!
 Номер:  12486
 Цена:  168900 EUR
 Местоположение:  7130 Somerset West,    [ Map, без гарантии ]
 Количество комнат:  7
 Жилплощадь:  300 m²
 Описание окрестности:
Somerset west optimally lies. Only 2.5 km of the sandy beach, 20 minutes of the airport - Capetown, 40 minutes of Capetown. The wine land begins west behind Somerset... Stellenbosch, the wine city, is only 7 km away. The infrastructure is excellent!! Everything nearby, schools, university, hospital, shopping possibilities, golf courses, restaurants, big Shoppingmall-shopping centre, the ocean and a lot more!!! Please, pay attention to it, the euro of retail price is an about price. The price in the national currency is obliging. You find him in the object description. In South Africa it is the edge; in Florida of the U.S. Dollar. use please the conversion possibilities on our homepage, thank you! It are worth always our Terms and Conditions ` see you on our homepage can read up.
 Описание недвижимости:
Here you Will feel fine in this pretty house to you quite a lot of has to offer, like an input area, open living areas, dining room, modern fitted kitchen with granite of top, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, guests - suite, garage, coach port, completely walls - in a really pool arrangement with terraces. The garden is a dream in green... They will love it! The price in edge only 2,395,000!!! (Euroconversion state 22.10.2008)
 Идентификационный номер продавца:  OZA001166
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